Magnet team spirit

When we’re better prepared, we’re more confident and comfortable. This is the drive behind the Magnet Champions Kickoff event that happens right before an on-site visit from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).


The Magnet Champion committee along with a Magnet Lead committee – staff nurses, leaders and those involved in previous designations – create games and content for informational materials used to educate Carle staff about the ANCC’s Magnet designation.


“It is important that our direct care staff can speak to the quality initiatives, patient outcomes, innovations and nursing excellence they are a part of in their daily practice,” said Lynette Marx, BSN, RN Magnet coordinator. “The appraisers will meet with staff to learn more about Carle’s nursing practices, culture and initiatives. They will use their time to verify, clarify and amplify what we wrote about in our Magnet document submission.”


But the real take away from it all is for others to learn what the designation means for Carle Foundation Hospital and Carle Physician Group to be among the top 8% of organizations in the country who have earned this honor. It’s a pretty big deal, and Carle submitted a 2,123-page document in August of 2018 to start the whole process.

Magnet team spirit

In preparing for a designation, an army of over 100 people come together to make sure staff are confident in what to say if approached by the ANCC appraisers.


An area of focus the committees dedicated more of their time to this year was on teaching staff about Carle’s adopted Professional Practice Model.


“This model was specifically chosen compared to other practice models because its’ focus was not primarily nursing related, but instead involved the principles of partnership with interdisciplinary teams,” Marx said.


Even with a Magnet designation though, it does not mean we are perfect.


“What it does mean is that we work hard to correct issues at hand, remain at the forefront of innovation and research, and build a desirable culture and environment for our staff,” Marx said. “We discuss issues referring to these topics and are always looking for ideas and suggestion for ways to improve.”


In the end, this fun and educational endeavor will bring together Carle staff and acknowledges how proud we are of where we work.

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