Five of the next generation of nurses

In the past, nurses wore white caps and navy capes as part of their uniform. Although it has been many years since these capes went out of fashion, Carle has found a new way to honor this legacy. The Carle Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE) Nursing Scholarship is a new award that looks to help Carle nurses pursuing their bachelor’s degree in nursing with $1,000 in aid.


The CAPE Scholarship is made possible through VISION 2020, Carle’s new campaign to transform healthcare in east central Illinois. The scholarship began accepting applications in January of 2018, and only a few months later, five recipients were announced:

  • Elizabeth Whitton, RN, Neurology South Clinic

  • Courtney Hunt, FMS RN, Carle Richland

  • Julia Williams, RN, HVI Procedure Center

  • Stacy Nicholson, RN, Danville Fairchild Adult Medicine

  • Lindsay Knoll, RN, OR/Perioperative Educator


The nurses had different reasons for deciding to pursue a bachelor’s in nursing. Whitton believes a degree will help make her a better patient advocate and a positive model for her family and other nurses.  Knoll shared that her new skills will help benefit Carle as an organization as well as directly impact the unit that she works in. Nicholson decided to pursue because she has seen the opportunities it has given those in the field of nursing within Carle and believes that obtaining one will help her grow as a leader.


Williams talks about how obtaining a degree isn’t the end of her career goals, merely a stepping stone. Upon finishing her degree, she wants to become more involved in leadership and the teaching aspect of nursing. Hunt explains how she doesn’t plan to stop and has hopes of continuing with nursing education.


As of now, four nurses have graduated and obtained their degree. Knoll and Whitton graduated from Chamberlain University, while Nicholson earned her degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Williams is currently attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Hunt is working as a nurse at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital.

Stacy Nicholson
Danville Fairchild Adult Medicine

Elizabeth Whitton
Neurology South Clinic

Julia Williams

HVI Procedure Center

Structural Empowerment
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