Honoring Nurses through an Acton Professional Practice Series - Healing America and Caring for You

Nursing is not an easy job. It is physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually draining at times. During the Acton Professional Practice Series event, approximately 105 nurses heard from an expert keynote speaker, Carolyn Jones, and from a variety of speakers focusing on ways to improve their personal well-being and combat the challenges faced while on the job.


Jones is a filmmaker and photographic ethnographer who created a book and film called, “The American Nurse” which highlighted the role of nurses across the county. Jones presented an outsider-looking-in perspective with the goal to inspire nurses to think of themselves in a way that they may never have before and to raise the volume on their voice in this country. 


She gave a very touching presentation which was followed by a day focused on wellness for the nurses. The intent was to have a conference where the participants do not just hear people speak about how to be well, but have the opportunity to actually experience it. 


“This has been the best conference so far. I have attended many at Carle and this was my favorite. I was never bored. All speakers were excellent and I loved the activities,” said an attendee.


Another attendee said, “It was truly great! I was able to have an educational day that was more focused on myself - we nurses are usually focused on others even when we are not at work.”


Topics included:

  • Creative Mindfulness: A Workshop for Healthcare Professionals

  • Yoga for Nurses

  • Meditation

  • The Benefits of Music Therapy for Wellness

  • Self-Defense & Safety Awareness for Nurses

  • Managing Stress via Breathing

  • Zumba for Nurses


“This was a fun and different seminar. Thank you for all the creativeness and effort put into these activities. It was very nice to have something to recognize the strengths and difficulties nurses encounter no matter what discipline they are in. Bravo to you all who made this happen,” was yet another one of the comments following the day.


Everything was extremely well received and many of the attendees left with a happy heart, looking forward to the next nursing event.

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